Silk Thread Necklaces

Silk thread chains are very durable chains of silk thread, which are processed with gemstones, pearls, crystals and different colored glass. The silk thread chains are multi-layered and available in different sizes, shapes and colors. They are also very suitable for larger necklines and festive occasions, each chain exudes its own unique charm. They are also nickel-free and thus skin-friendly and usually adjustable in length.

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Silk Necklaces

Already thousands of years ago, when the silk was discovered, the silk was distinguished by its shine and high strength. Several reeled silk threads are twisted together. Through different twisting techniques arise functionally matched warp threads which can then be processed very well to jewelry. Due to their lightness and flexibility, the chains nestle perfectly to the neck. Thus, one can also process the chains very well to necklaces and offer multiple layers. Some necklaces that are made from thin silk threads can not be recognized at first glance, so it looks like the neckline is full of small diamonds. Other silk thread chains lie in full splendor on the neck and want to be seen. Again, you will find everything you can imagine, from bright pastel colors to dark red silk thread chains. No matter if you choose silk thread chains with gemstones, pearls, crystals or differently colored glass, you will find the right accessory in our shop. We offer you a variety of other pieces of jewelry such as rings, bracelets or earrings or stud earrings, which are made from these materials. Look in our shop and in the category of silk thread chains.
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