Silk Thread Earrings

Silk thread earrings are especially rare. Discover multi-layered earrings made of gemstones, coral, pearls, crystals and different colored glass. The silk thread earrings are available in various sizes, shapes and colors. Their brackets are made of 925 sterling silver and are so well tolerated by sensitive skin. The temples are available in the usual sizes. A normal ear hole has a size of 1 mm to 1.2 mm. The silk thread is quite stable and color matched to the stones etc.

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Fashion jewelry Silk thread earrings

The silk thread earrings have a hint of a fine sleet. The small slivers of gemstones, coral, pearls or crystals hang on a gossamer silk thread, which is barely visible. The light sleet from the materials shimmers like little diamonds floating in the air. In our Chic-Net Online Shop you will find the matching necklaces for the silk thread earrings, which are also made of the same materials. So you can complete your outfit and make it unique. Whether elegant or sporty on the beach, these silk thread earrings are definitely a highlight. The silk thread earrings are rather subtle in their color and shimmer in mother of pearl, gray, white, pink or black. You will also find some earrings that consist of several color combinations and are particularly beautiful when exposed to light. Another highlight in our range are the red earrings made of coral. Small coral splinters are linked to the silk threads and attract attention. Just like the earrings with pearls knotted on silk threads. Finest handwork can be found here in the category of silk thread earrings.
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