You will find silicone earrings matching our...

Silicon ear jewelery

You will find silicone earrings matching our silicone chains, silicone bracelets and ear studs in various patterns and designs. The bright colors, the contrasting color combinations and the typical barbed design make the silicone earrings a real eye-catcher. The nickel-free stainless steel hangers make the earrings skin-friendly and comfortable for anyone. Stainless steel is mainly known under the surgical steel, which is also very popular for piercings due to its skin compatibility. We have discovered this current trend for you during our worldwide travels and now you have the opportunity to combine our various silicone jewelery pieces into beautiful sets.

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Fashion Earrings Silicone Earrings

The silicone earrings are available as earrings whose straps correspond to the normal sizes of an ear hole between 1 mm and 1.2 mm. The silicone earrings are always available in three or four colors in different variations such as red, black, yellow, green or blue, pink, white and other designs. Because the material (silicone) is very light, the earrings are very comfortable to wear and do not bother. With this piece of jewelry, you can stand out from the crowd, that these earrings are not offered for a long time and not in many stores. Of course, your outfit will of course be great if you combine the silicone earrings with other pieces of jewelry. Parts of the same material are of course available for this purpose. Here in the Chic-Net Online Shop under the categories bracelets or chains you will also find pieces of jewelry made of silicone. Not only silicone jewelry can be combined with the unique earrings but also silver jewelry or brass jewelry in any shape and size. You can find all here with us. The latest trend and unique in design: silicone earrings.
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