Shiva Eye Jewellery

Shiva eye (Shivaeye) is very popular as jewelry with its natural spiral grain. The so-called Shiva Eyes shell is actually the protective door for the turban shell, which is native to tropical seas. When they die, their protection against danger and dehydration comes off with the beautiful spiraling mark on the inside. On the outside now comes a special splendor of green and brown to light. Depending on the shell, these colors mix in different variations. In Hinduism, the Shiva eye (Shivaeye) symbolizes the third eye of the deity Shiva and a sign of higher consciousness. This resulted in the name of the mussel constituent. Generally, Shivaeye jewelry is simply a beauty of nature, and has nothing to do with esotericism. Here you will find necklaces, bracelets, piercings, silver rings, earrings and pendants with 925 sterling silver and this treasure. Under the categories Organic piercing and Shiva eye ear plugs are also Shiva eyes jewelry.

Shiva eye jewelry

The Shiva eye (Shivaeye) in combination with 925 sterling silver to high-quality, elegant jewelry, which always remains in vogue. The Shiva eye (Shivaeye) is not subject to any trend and the silver these jewels remain beautiful for a lifetime, at least if you polish the silver now and then. The shivaeye is also found in the organic piercing area of ??plugs and navel piercings. In the field of fashion jewelry, it is also found here, in combination with coconut wood in the coconut wood earrings with Shivaauge. This natural beauty is particularly beautiful, if you put them together as a set, so show some silver earrings with Shivauge same motifs as some pendants with Shivaauge, even the silver rings with Shiva eye take on some designs. In addition, the bracelets with shivaeye and chains with shiva eye fit many of these models. Incidentally, the Shiva eye is also written as a Shivaeye or Shiva eye. Who loves special natural jewelry, so access to Shivaauge (Shivaeye).
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