Shell- pearl- stone jewellery set

Shell, pearl and stone jewelry sets are aptly combined jewelry, which has been put together to a set of necklace and bracelet or necklace and earrings or even necklaces, bracelets and earrings. There are subtle as well as bright neon colors used and materials such as colored beads, mother of pearl discs and splinters, as well as stone beads and stone chips, and nylon tubes. The necklaces and bracelets are usually adjustable and therefore fit every woman. So shell, pearl and stone jewelry sets are also wonderful as a gift idea. When a color, material or design is picked up on the neck, ears and arm, the result is a harmonious image and the design is emphasized and highlighted, so you are looking at it.

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Shell, pearl and stone jewelery sets in different colors

Whether discreet old rose with brown stone splinters or a mother-of-pearl set in shimmering moss green or even a gaudy neon set with nylon and colorful stone pearl, we have something for every occasion and style. With our shell, pearl and stone jewelry sets you save the time-consuming search for matching patterns and shapes in shell earrings and mother of pearl pendants, as well as in the rings and shell and stone chains. Here you can make sure that the individual components of the set are coordinated, so really show the same color and the same design. In addition, there are our sets in a variety of colors. If you really want to attract attention choose either the bright neon colors with thick neon tube or a set with chain, pendant and earrings, because so you can not overlook the chic jewelry. Sets of natural treasures The stones, pearls and shells or mother of pearl pieces of our shell, pearl and stone jewelery sets are genuine natural materials. As a result, no grain and color shading is exactly the same, just like every stone and every pearl, every piece of jewelery is unique. Because they are real natural treasures, the shell, pearl and stone jewelry sets do not look cheesy or childish when they are colorfully colored. Instead, it creates the impression of high-quality jewelry that you can choose from a wide variety of outfit colors. Of course, they can also vote for the color of the sunglasses, handbag or watch.
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