Shell and pearl pendants have always been...

Shell and pearl pendant

Shell and pearl pendants have always been popular jewelry. Natural treasures of nature are shells and pearls, because here you will find beautiful natural patterns and grains, extraordinary shapes and great colors. The workmanship and the combination with 925 sterling silver create unique marine shell pendants. Whether you prefer marine treasures such as Nautilus shell or snail shells, all of us can be found in a wide variety of shapes and forms. A popular variant is, for example, a shell in saber-tooth shape. Also included here are pendants made of mother of pearl or combined with pearls. You can also buy the matching silver necklace for the shell and pearl pendant from us. You will find this among silver chains in the area of ??silver jewelry.

Shell and pearl pendant as eye-catcher

A silver chain sets shell and pearl pendant well in scene. In spite of the high-quality workmanship with sterling silver, our pendants with shells are also part of Organic Jewelery and can therefore be combined equally well with a colorful stainless steel choker or a black rubber necklace from us that deliver beautiful contrasts. Which chain you wear the shells or pearls and which chain length you choose is up to your personal taste. Of course you can also take turns and for example wear a pendant with shells to the jeans with a rubber chain and at solemn occasions to cocktail dress with an Italian silver snake chain combine. The same applies, of course, for mother of pearl jewelry. Shell Pendants in Jewelry SetsThe shell and pearl pendants can also be combined with our shell and pearl earrings. With a set in the same design and the same type of clam, this particular jewelery comes out beautifully. Our nautilus shells are naturally shimmering, as well as poured with colored synthetic resin or as a fossil shell, which is filled with transparent resin. The sterling silver forms with some pendants only the frame, the rim and the hanger, while others, it closes the shell opening completely with shiny silver. If you are looking for something special we recommend pendants with shells. But our mother of pearl pendants and earrings show beautiful Balinese ornaments and captivate with their mother of pearl shimmer. Shell and pearl pendants also fit wonderfully with our bracelets and necklaces and pearls.
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