Shamballa Bracelets

Shamballa bracelets are something very special and take a thrilling story with him. Shamballa or Shambhala, applies in Tibetan Buddhism as a place of rest, silence and happiness. Many tried to find this place and finally to explore. Shamballa embodies according to legend, a secret, not physical location. There are several ideas about the existence of Shamballa. The a claim that the place Shamballa and the beads are in Central Asia. Again Others claim that this kingdom is in the valleys of Siberia. The modern Buddhists claim that Shamballa is in the higher elevations of the Himalayas. The capital of the Kingdom of Shamballa is to be according to the Buddhist Legend has Kalapa.

Bracelets Shamballa beads bracelets

This call Shamballa Bracelets and knotted cotton in various colors. The spherical beads are either made of different stones or crystal glass glitter balls in white, with some Shamballa bracelets to stone balls and glitter beads alternate. All Shamballa Bracelets are adjustable in size, you can choose between different designs and color combinations. Thus, there is, for example, cotton bracelets in the colors brown, black, orange, white, blue, purple, pink or green and beads in shades of turquoise, purple, pink, red, blue, green, yellow and brown as well as silver glitter ball. The beads are attached to each other with a colored cotton cord. Each color Shamballa bead has its own importance as the gems. Even someone who does not have to Tibetan Buddhism, the history or meaning of Shamballa, the beautiful pearl can wear bracelets optimally as a fashion accessory. Visually, they are definitely a highlight of our Shamballa bracelets.
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