Rubber Necklaces

Rubber chains make a pendant look...
Rubber chains make a pendant look very different again than with metal chains. The rubber chains themselves are more visible, they also look young and trendy with rubber and goes in the direction of tribal jewelry. So that you have the choice and can combine our trailers in many ways, we have brought the rubber chains into the range. The lobster clasp is made of 925 sterling silver. |-| Rubber Necklaces ~~ The basic color of the rubber tracks is black and can be perfectly combined with colored pendants. A real highlight are our pendants that are obtained from nature, such as shells, pearls or coral but also a large selection of gemstones. Due to the simple rubber chain, the nature trailers really come into their own. But not only natural pendants but also silver or brass pendants can be wonderfully combined with the chains that are obtained from nature. Thus, these chains also belong to our broad Sprektum of Organic jewelry. Not only women but also men can wear these special chains. Unisex chains are especially popular because they are versatile. The rubber chains are available in different lengths and sizes such as 40 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm. Natural rubber is obtained predominantly from the rubber tree. The liquid, also called latex or milky juice, is released by scoring the bark and collected in containers. The majority of natural rubber is obtained in plantations. 70% of the rubber is used for the production of car tires, but also jewelry in particular neck and arm chains are made from this Matreial. A must for every unique pendant are our rubber chains.
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