Our resin neck jewelery includes various types...

Resin necklace

Our resin neck jewelery includes various types of jewelery, among which are often found Spidermuschel pendants, these are unique works of art from Bali. These 925 sterling silver set or mounted on a silver hanger Spidermuschelanhänger are real handmade. For this purpose, special shell parts are placed on a shell, which is used as a basis, so that there is a nice pattern. Here, creativity and all possibilities are open to the artist. By pouring with different colored resin, so resin, this pattern is captured and preserved. But flowers or other shapes, as well as colorful borders for example Shiva eyes can be made of Resin, also these are found in Resin necklace.

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Design options with synthetic resin

Here you will find Resin necklace in different shapes, colors and designs. The background is Resin synthetic resin, which is often used discreetly in white or black or more conspicuous in red or blue. The patterns and components of Resin necklace range from discreet, spider web-like patterns of white shells to colorful iridescent paua abalone pieces and coral-red resin background. Resin also offers the opportunity to turn beautiful and large nautilus shells into necklaces, when you pour them out, this can be subtle or brightly colorful. Also striking is, for example, a pendant whose silver frame forms the head and limbs of a turtle, the round Spidermuschel pendant thus forms the tank, so the body. Beautiful combinations with Resin necklaces Depending on the occasion you want to wear this Organic Resin necklace, another chain from our shop offers for: For fine occasions, we offer snake chains made of silver in different thicknesses and lengths, for party and everyday life are also the stainless steel necklaces or black rubber chains. The silver version of pendants is limited either to the edge and hanger, or it extends almond-shaped and partially decorated in the trailer. Depending on what is included in your Spidermuschel pendant, you can combine it with either the same designed Spidermuschel earrings, or with shiva eye earrings, mother of pearl, paua abalone, coral or snail shell. All of these products are also available from us, as earrings and earrings. Enjoy our diversity.
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