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Resin jewelry

Resin jewelry is partially made of...
Resin jewelry is partially made of resin, which is a synthetic resin, which can be poured in all colors, but also mixed with glitter. Resin can be used to create a variety of motifs or to fill in and fill in gaps between different inlays. Of course, Resin is not only for jewelry use, but Resin jewelry can achieve great effects and create unique jewelry. An example of this is our Spidermuschelschmuck, because Spidermuschel simply means that various pieces of shell with eg coral, Shivaauge or mother of pearl were poured into a piece of jewelry. This results in great patterns and designs of natural materials, combined with the colorful color of the resin, which forms the background or the filling material in between. |-| Resin versatile for jewelry ~~In addition to Spidermuschel designs for earrings and pendants, some of our pendants and stud earrings are made of resin, for example, colorful flowers or earrings with glitter particles in different colors. Partly the resin is also combined with faceted zirconia stones, which enhances the sparkling effect. We also offer ear plugs and tunnels with Resininlay, in the resin is then in this Resin jewelry often inserted another inlay. Extravagant and high-quality are our Nautilus mussels or their fossil variants, which were filled either neutrally with brown Resin or gaudy in red, turquoise or green with Resin. Resin jewelry is also often found in combination with Shivaauge to create colorful frames here.
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