Resin earrings

This category includes our diverse Resin earrings, including Spidermuschel earrings. A Spidermuschel from Bali is composed of the most beautiful parts of other shells together. These are placed on a thin shell plate and then poured with Resin resin, which is available in various colors. Depending on the shape of the pad, various motifs and designs are created in different sizes. After polishing, the finished work of art is provided with brackets made of 925 sterling silver, so that skin-friendly and durable Spidermuschel earrings arise from it. But also combinations with faceted glass crystals and resin result in attractive resin earrings. Resin can also be used to form flowers or create marbling and sparkling colors. This results in many different Resin earrings as stud earrings and earrings.

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Colorful variety

Spidermuschel earrings are not subject to any trend, they are timelessly beautiful and always something special. Due to the silver, this Balinese organic marine jewelry also fits the evening wear. There he comes to the best, if you wear the matching Spidermuschel pendant to the earrings. But our flower or glitter ear plugs are versatile Resin earrings, for example, you can combine them with colorful necklaces, bracelets or gaudy silicone jewelry. Anyone who has stretched his ear holes will also find special tunnels and plugs with resin, which often show organic inlays in resin or glittering grained. Popular shapes in Resin earrings are round or shell-snail-shaped earrings, also earrings from several parts that dangle among each other. Rectangular, oval and drop-shaped shapes are also popular. Some earrings also carry small and large wooden beads in black, these underline the organic jewelry character. Resin earrings with organic inlays If you choose earrings with shivaeye, mother-of-pearl or coral, you can also extend the set with rings or bracelets made from these treasures. If you like it shimmering, you should choose variants with mother-of-pearl or the colorful Paua Abalone shell and wear colorful mother-of-pearl and pearl necklaces and bracelets. For all others, there are also enough subtle variants. Resin earrings are diverse and can be combined as versatile. Often the design resembles a spider web, which also results in the name Spidermuschel. Since even the components are not identical as natural products, but each has its own charm, so are the Resinohrringe so that as a whole unique and still true manual work. But even without natural inlays Resin ear jewelry makes a lot.
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