Practical, inexpensive, trendy, cool: the Push In Piercing
2021-05-19 16:33:00 / Comments 0
Practical, inexpensive, trendy, cool: the Push In Piercing - Practical, inexpensive, trendy, cool: the Push In Piercing

We love variety, not only in fashion, but also in jewelry and piercings. Nobody wants to wear the same motif all the time. But every new motif has so far also meant a new plug and thus unnecessary consumption of resources, which we also have to pay for.

Wouldn't it be much more environmentally friendly, smarter and cheaper if you could reuse the plugs and just change the motif? We thought so too and here they are: our new Push In Piercing models. With a push-in piercing, it is actually the case that you buy plugs and matching pins separately from each other and thus wear different motifs with one plug. This plug can either have a labret shape to match the lip, i.e. a disc on the underside, or a suitable shape for the nose (U-shape, L-shape, etc.) or the ear (barbell, plug, etc.). This plug then offers the possibility of inserting a pin, creating the Push In Piercing.

The push in system

The Push In Piercing Pins are very thin, yet stable, e.g. made of titanium. These pens carry the actual motif and there is a lot of choice here. Important: the pin alone is not a push-in piercing, only the plug makes the motif wearable. The Push In Piercing Pins we use measure 0.45mm (25ga). They even fit into very small, threadless plugs of only 0.8mm (20ga). The threadless piercing pins are manufactured according to standard sizes and are therefore also compatible with similar products on the market.

A Push In Piercing is usually threadless, the fine pin is simply inserted into the thin plug and thus holds securely in the piercing. So if you want to conserve resources and avoid garbage in the future, also want to be able to purchase new motifs more cheaply and you simply find this trend great, then start with a push-in piercing. You can already find suitable pens on our site, so grab them quickly.

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