Our acrylic piercings are made of flexible plastic, giving them two advantages over metal piercings made of stainless steel or 925 sterling silver: they are soft and they are slightly bendable. This increases the wearing comfort enormously and protects the tissue. If you are thinking about lip piercing, or one on the tongue or on the lip band, you will want to use only soft materials so as not to damage your teeth and gums. In addition, the piercings acrylic are available in many different colors and neon colors. Virtually every color and every pattern is possible here, as the Piercings Acrylics also offer in combination with faceted glass crystals. As ends, they wear bullets or cone tips.

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Bendable Piercings-Acrylic

Our Piercings-Acryl can be used as well as at any pierced place, if the bar thickness and bar length are suitable. We mainly offer straight barbells, curved banana barbells and labrets, ie straight and slightly curved rods, as well as rods with a plate at one end. The other ends could theoretically take any form, we lead especially the classics: bullets or cones. These are screwed on with a thread. We also have different rod lengths on offer, because depending on Piercingstelle a different length is used. Of course, you can also put together sets of the same color piercings and, for example, combine a light green labret to a bright green navel piercing and a light green nipple piercing and wear at the same time. Acrylic Piercing Jewelery for EveryoneBecause all colors are available in the piercings acrylic, an acrylic piercing can of course also be worn unisex. Men usually fall back on the variants without faceted glass crystal and also the color pink is rather chosen by the women. Otherwise, neon colors are also in the men in. Another use of the bendable piercings is the belly of pregnant women. If you do not want to do without your navel piercing during pregnancy, then choose also bendable materials. Partial piercing acrylic light even under UV light. Here you will surely find a suitable plug for your piercing.
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