Piercing trends - Men & Women

Piercing trends

Piercings have become indispensable and this trend continues. There are continually added new materials, new models and designs, and new parts of the body, so that there are new trends each year and also the piercing bearers of always increasing. Whether possible shrill and flashy, or even subtle and chic, with the large number of variants, everything is possible today. If you are still unsure which Piercing trends best supported your style, then you test this but first with a Fake Piercing. Just for the ears and nose, but also for the lip there are many fake versions. These look deceptively real, but only need a regular pierced earlobe or no hole. Or people who are brave or already proud Piercing owner who can check trends in the following section on the latest news and Piercing to this year up to date to be what concerns the piercing jewelry.

• Latest materials

Sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium and acrylic are well known and always popular as possible materials for piercings. But now there is a much greater choice and variety. So there's newest materials: on the one hand, the organic materials such as wood, horn or bone, this let the skin breathe while wearing and adapt to the body temperature. Carved show detailed ornaments or tribal patterns. On the other hand, there are now a great brass piercings, be it as Tunnels and plugs, or as spirals, Septumringe and Traguspiercings. These are antique golden colored and partly oxidized dark so beautiful effects arise. Even much more intricate patterns are possible as carved out of organic materials with Brass. But even with the plastics there is a practical innovation: this is called Bioflex and originates from the medical industry. Bioflex is fully tolerated by the own tissue, here the allergy risk is very low. Nor can Bioflex autoclaving hygienscherweise and provides the smooth surface hard surface for deposits. Its elasticity makes wearing more comfortable than other inflexible materials. In addition, you can shorten these piercings after healing simply to favor to the desired length, since the Erstschmuck is chosen longer. The advantages of the Bioflex incidentally also provides also teflon, in medicine and to pierce also known as PTFE. Regarding newest materials are Bioflex PTFE and the stars that will come more often used in the future.

• Where will just pierced the most - the current piercing trends

A trend continues in any case: septum piercings were last year very popular and remain so. The New Yorker Piercing Artist J. Colby Smith, who has pierced stars like Zoë Kravitz and Sky Ferreira says that the septum can be any, if the right jewelry is chosen. He recommends to resort to subtle, thin rings that blend with your own skin tone and to conform well to the shape of the nose. Nevertheless, he considers another Piercing for yet trendy: the Smilie located forward in the current piercing trends. He recommends rings him gold or rose gold that are unexpectedly visible when smiling. For the ears, the piercing favorites are the Conch by the pinna, which depending on whether one uses plug or rings, lots of variety offers, and Death, which is pierced through the innermost curvature of the ear. Here rings come from antique golden Brass great no matter what. Are also an increasing nipple piercings, especially for people who love your little secrets. Even the eyebrow piercing comes back in a new form: the hip variant is taken as a gem about 1 cm above the eyebrow. As before, the classic navel and tongue remain trendy, but with the tongue in subtle variations. Otherwise the motto of the current piercing trends are: attracting attention. This works best with the two most powerful trends: the Tunnels and plugs. Here is becoming apparent that there is more hip, more outrageous the tunnel or plug is designed. Whether flashy colors, tribal patterns, embellishments or glittering crystals, as well as original designs, all of this is the next big thing. Here, the plug is slightly more popular because it allows more design flexibility.

• Implants

As Implant is called implants that are placed under the skin to change to decorate the body or. An alternative are transdermal implants, in which the body jewelry is not completely located under the skin, but partially protrudes and remains visible. Implants are popular in the body modification scene and are often combined with piercings and tattoos. However, they involve higher risks of infection than piercings and are anything but discreet. While even small and unobtrusive or chic can carry with glitter crystal etc. piercings, implants are considered extreme body modification. In addition, they can move around during tissue changes and then also injure vessels. If you want to get rid of them, further surgery is required for this. Today used for Implants PTFE or silicone, before even came metal used. Design can thus be, for example, cones, hemispheres, tips and other forms, popular sites for this are forehead or chest, but also hand back or arms. Mostly a kind horns are formed in the face, but it can also complicated shapes like stars, rings, skulls and other are used. The transdermal implants a steel plate located under the skin and the threads thereon protrude from the skin. You could choose different jewelry are screwed from the outside. A popular, smaller and less risky are the Microdermals in which a gemstone or a rivet etc. can be attached anywhere on the body. Also one can combine several Microdermals to a pattern. Because they are so small, they heal faster and the onset is less painful.

Men & Women

Can you assign gender specific piercings by popularity? Shown here actually certain trends, but there are really only differences in the frequencies. Today it is in fact generally possible to carry everything, whether. As male or female may assign the single piercings that can clearly only women or only men are the respective genital piercings. Everything else is mixed, so today we see men with navel piercing and also women with nipple piercings. Other variants, such as the Snake Bites on the lips, or the septum of the nose are very popular with both sexes. Likewise today Plugs and tunnels are worn by both sexes, there are only preferences in the designs, there are women, for example the heart, glitter crystals and flowers, for men hand gears, skulls, dragons or eyeballs. But these motives can nowadays no longer be clearly assigned to a particular gender. Even rhinestones in the ear Been trend among men.


• Who is more sensitive when it comes to pain?

On the subject of pain in men and women, there is scientific evidence: according to some studies women feel pain generally more intense than the men. Blame it on the hormones: while the male sex hormone testosterone reduces the sensation of pain, the female estrogen has the opposite effect: it reinforces the perception of pain. The result is that men pain perceive less strongly, their pain threshold is therefore higher. This can be transferred onto the piercing piercing: Men take it painful than less true. It is interesting that the female pain with women cycle varies. There is another reason why women perceive pain worse: the emotionality. Women connect more pain with negative feelings and reinforce it by. Men tended to process the pain in the rational part of the brain and therefore go anywhere else so to. Another point is the distribution of pain receptors, and this differs between men and women and causes that women suffer more. So women take pain earlier and more intensively than men perceive and keep him out less long. This is partly because their skin is thinner than that of men. But do not worry dear women, the piercing piercing have many women well and with a positive attitude can also endure pain more easily, as described above. Who wants to be beautiful must suffer - without pain the piercing piercing is not unfortunately. But you will afterward indeed rewarded with the result that one desires: the new piercing.

• What jewelery meet the girls

As already mentioned, the only piercing jewelry, the only girls wear different female genital piercings. Everything else is also found in men, although less frequent and usually also with other designs. Typical female piercings are for example the Nostril, even more so when the Nosepiercing wearing a faceted crystal as rhinestone. Also, the lip frenulum piercing is seen in women much more often, also the tragus piercing the ear. Popular among women are also the tongue piercing and navel piercing. Especially the navel piercing is considered sexy and feminine. Currently very popular is the septum. Playful and feminine are also Microdermals, which can be worn as rhinestones everywhere. In Tunnels and plugs is the typically feminine variant with trailers. These pendants dangle then under the tunnel or Plug and remember earrings, so to speak, Plug and earrings in one. Female attributes at Tunnels and plugs are grinding, certain shapes such as roses, hibiscus flowers, dream catchers, swallows and heart and some glittering materials such as resin, pearl, paua abalone or faceted glass crystals, as filled with glitter transparent Plugs. Even stainless steel in rainbow colors and generally very colorful Plugs talk to women more. Intricate patterns, lace and small ornaments are also popular among women. Combining wood piercing with gems such as turquoise or Cowries or painted it in colorful patterns, these are also preferred by women.

• What to wear jewelry boys

Boys prefer other designs, colors and materials than girls. In addition to have certain piercing types are frequently used as other, to the popular include the eyebrow, the nipple, Tunnels and plugs, on the lip, the snakebites and now very popular: on the nose septum. Also, the tongue piercing comes in men more often than other types of piercing. The single piercings, which are really only worn by men, the corresponding male genital piercings, of which there are many. In men, stainless steel and clear shapes are popular without many frills. As motives screws, Thor's hammer, skulls, tribals, hemp leaves, spikes or classic spirals are well received. The colors, the less colorful variants are preferred, or resorted directly to bright neon colors. Simple, single-color wood tunnels or plugs are also in great demand. Piercing jewelry with rhinestone is partly also becoming popular among men. Plug motifs like the biohazard symbol, gears or dragon eyes like to buy for men, but also the Om symbol or the Flower of Life. If men are using squiggly designs, so mostly handcarved Tribals from monochrome organic materials. For stainless steel is black and silver are preferred. Nose next to the septum is still a second piercing popular: the Bridge piercing the top of the nose.



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