Piercing Plug and Tunnels from Horn

Buffalo horn is also a good starting material for our handcrafted tunnels and plugs horn. Hand carved from buffalo horn, the unique plugs and tunnels of this category result. Whether in combination with organic coconut shell, bone or wood, or patterned in different variants, here you will certainly find the right one. We offer you a large selection of sizes. This tunnels and plugs horn jewelry is very comfortable to wear because it sits firmly in the branch channel and keeps a comfortable temperature while wearing. Horn can be used pure or painted to ear jewelery, here we find both variants in different shapes and designs.

Organic horn plugs and tunnels

Partly the hornplugs have become tunnels because they are artistically and filigree carved to motifs that allow you to look through them, so they are plug and tunnel in one. Others were provided with shell inlays or plastic bone inlays, for example in the form of a skull. Still others show on the surface a motif of wood into which a buddha figure was carved. As different and diverse as our customers, our tunnels and plugs are also Horn motifs. Our tunnels and plugs horn earrings offer you a huge selection and can be worn by men and women. Stretching with and for tunnels and plugs Horn If you do not yet have stretched ear holes, stretching can also start with our horn jewelery, for the beginning we recommend our mini horn expanders and then plugs in the size 2 mm. Gradually, their size expands to size, what you like is possible. We deliver the matching tunnels and plugs horn. The largest tunnels we carry are 50mm, plain and black. Of course, these are also in the category Horn.It is important that you do not skip a size, because this can lead to really unsightly injuries. With stretch rods and stretch screws you can stretch horn to the desired size for the tunnels and plugs. You can find more about stretching under the FAQs on our page.
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