You were so looking forward to your navel piercing, meanwhile it has healed, looks great, but the canal stinks? If the navel piercing stinks, it can quickly spoil all the enjoyment of it. If you also have stretched ears, you already know the problem of a smelly puncture canal, because this does not only affect the navel. For the ear, the whole thing is reduced with organic jewelry, since wood or horn absorb the sebum better. If your navel piercing stinks and is already completely healed, you can also wear curved barbells made of bone, wood or horn,

We love variety, not only in fashion, but also in jewelry and piercings. Nobody wants to wear the same motif all the time. But every new motif has so far also meant a new plug and thus unnecessary consumption of resources, which we also have to pay for. Wouldn't it be much more environmentally friendly, smarter and cheaper if you could reuse the plugs and just change the motif? We thought so too and here they are: our new Push In Piercing models. With a push-in piercing, it is actually the case that you buy plugs and matching pins separately from each other and thus wear different motifs with one plug.

It's that time again on Sunday - Mother's Day has arrived. Have you already found something nice or are you still looking for gifts for mom? It shouldn't be the same every year, everyone can do flowers and chocolates, right? Your gifts for mom should certainly show that you have thought about it and that you are looking for something special. Something that suits your mother exactly or something that she has wanted for a long time but never indulged in herself. Such gifts for mom express appreciation, and that's what Mother's Day is all about. A small gesture of appreciation and gratitude for everything our mothers do.

An ear jacket has another advantage, because the back part is usually loose and is located on the pin of the ear stud and is held in place with the butterfly fasteners. Of course, this also means that this part of the ear jacket can also be easily removed and you can wear the ear stud as normal and without the back part. This gives you more variety and two different ways to wear the Ear Jacket jewelry, so to speak, interchangeable jewelry or 2 in 1.

Pendants and amulets with Viking motifs are not a newfangled invention, no Viking pendants are real Viking jewelry from the early Middle Ages and therefore much closer to the original than piercings or earrings with Viking motifs. Of course, our Viking pendants have also been carried over to the present day, but what is common with the models: it is still real manual work in which they are made, the motifs are original Viking symbols and the materials are natural (wood, bone, Cotton ribbon) or metals (brass) used at the time.

You have stretched ear holes and wear plugs or flesh tunnels in large sizes such as 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 25mm, 26mm, 28mm or 30mm?

Do you have stretched ear holes, love piercings, ear weights and augers and you also like to be the center of attention? We have something for you: become a trendsetter! It's easy with CHICNET, because we bring THE piercing trend to Germany.

Do you love organic body jewelry and are you looking for new sizes and motifs? We can help you there, because a large part of our range of piercing jewelry is Organic Body Jewelry. We process organic materials into piercings such as Mother of pearl shell, black shell, horn, bone, wood and stone.

When we think of silver rings with stone, we usually think of silver rings ladies with stone, silver rings with gemstone are often associated with playful, delicate, colorful, so feminine. Silver rings without stone are considered instead applicable as silver rings men and silver rings women, here one imagines designs such as silver rings wide, silver rings with engraving, silver rings simple, especially in the field of silver rings for men one thinks of silver rings large, silver rings solid, silver rings large sizes, silver rings wide simple and silver rings men with engraving

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