Pendant cultured pearls

Cultured pearl pendants still captivate with their timeless elegance, which is why their choice is always right. People have been fascinated by pearls for centuries and they never go out of fashion. Pearls are wearable to any occasion and any outfit, casual or elegant in the evening. In our shop you will find a large selection of different pearl pendants made of high quality cultured pearls in combination with 925 sterling silver, from classic elegant to unusual modern. The sterling silver of the cultured pearl pendant offers in addition to the great look two advantages: on the one hand it is very skin-friendly and low the risk of allergies, on the other hand, this jewelry is something for all eternity: because silver does not become ugly. If it starts, it can easily be polished to a new shine.

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Cultured pearl pendant in set

Our cultured pearl pendants fit perfectly with the silver rings with pearls and the silver earrings with pearls, here are great jewelry sets, also this is possible with double pearl ear jewelery. In addition, we also offer the accessories for the pearl pendant: shiny snake chains made of sterling silver in two thicknesses and many different lengths. If you prefer a pearl necklace in the color gold instead of silver, you can take a look at the category 18ct gold-plated copper chains and silk thread bracelets, because the silk thread bracelets are either multi-layer wearable as a bracelet or single-layer as a chain and connect the dazzling pearl white with golden thread. Whether in gold or silver a pendant with pearls is timelessly beautiful and that for young and old. Also, you can wear it both for reputable occasions, as well as to celebrate, he always makes a good figure. The classic pearl necklace at the wedding can also be replaced by a silver necklace with extravagant cultured pearl pendant. Pearl pendant as a timeless accessory A pearl pendant is everywhere and for every woman wearable, whether young or old, whether minimalist and elegant or girlish playful, we offer the right cultured pearl pendant. Since pearls and silver are both perceived as elegant and valuable, the combination is suitable as a classic accessory for festive occasions, but also at work or at leisure.
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