Pearl, mother of pearl, shell jewelry

Pearl, mother of pearl, shell jewelry is not commonplace, we offer you special pieces for which we go worldwide to search. In this category are high quality with 925 sterling silver processed marine treasures. Whether a Nautilusmuschel, a snail shell or even mussel fossils, which are poured with synthetic resin, or even cultured pearls and iridescent mother of pearl in white and colorful, here are unique pieces of jewelry. These are shaped in different colors, sizes and designs to shell earrings and shell pendants, tied into rings or threaded to arm jewelry and chains and are also wonderful to combine suitable variants as jewelry sets. Pearl, mother-of-pearl, shell jewelery Accessories are natural products, no shell or pearl is like the other, each one looks a bit different, shows an individual shape and grain.

various pearl, mother of pearl, shell jewelry from the treasures of nature

Here you will receive elegant organic jewelry in excellent quality. Pearl, mother of pearl, shell jewelry pendants can be worn with either one of our snake silver chains, which we offer in various widths and lengths, as well as with a black rubber necklace or a colorful stainless steel choker, both to find under chains. The combination with 925 sterling silver creates high-quality pieces of jewelry that can be worn on all occasions. You can combine it with the jeans, as well as with fine evening wear. By pouring out the nautilus and snail shells with synthetic resin, various color accents can be set so that extraordinary variants are created. Paua abalone is already colorfully iridescent in yellow green blue, while mother-of-pearl has a delicate white, sometimes slightly bright shimmer. Colorful variations Often the pearl, mother-of-pearl, shell jewelery earrings and pendants have the same designs, so you can put together beautiful sets. This you also succeed with our shell ear plugs, which can be found here and at the ear plugs. Again, there are plugs with snail shells that complement our pendants perfectly. If you want to give away something rare and beautiful, it is best to use pearl, mother-of-pearl, shell jewelery in combination with sterling silver. In combination with gemstones you will also find unique bracelets,Necklaces and adjustable rings with large attachments of pearls, shells and stones that form flowers and other shapes. But also mother-of-pearl rings in combination with silver are here. The necklaces and bracelets made of colorful beads and mother of pearl tiles are colorful.
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