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Pearl earrings

Silver earrings with pearls are the...
Silver earrings with pearls are the jewelry classic par excellence. Cultured pearl earrings are popular with young and old, after all, they are available with us in a variety of designs: from elegant to trendy. The combination of pearls with 925 sterling silver has proved to be particularly useful with earrings. We offer you here silver earrings in various shapes and sizes and with both white cultured pearls, as well as colored beads and acrylic beads. In this category you will find both pearl earrings, as well as pearl ear plugs. All jewelry has been processed to high quality. We still offer the category ear studs, also here you can find pearl ear studs, and also there are in addition to artificial pearls in all colors and genuine cultured pearls combined with sterling silver. However, the cultured pearl earrings in this category are bigger and contain more silver. Depending on what you are looking for, you are welcome to take a look in both categories. |-| Cultured pearl earrings with othersCombine Jewelry ~~ Matching our silver ear pendants and silver ear studs with pearls, we also stock pearl pendants and silver rings with cultured pearls that often take on the design of cultured pearl earrings. So it is possible for you individually to put together a complete set of jewelery. Here we can also recommend you to look in other categories such as pearl necklaces and silk thread chains, as well as earrings and silk thread earrings. Under stone and pearl rings you will find big colorful rings with stones and pearls. In the bracelets category, there are silk thread bracelets, wide bracelets with pearls and stones
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