Panto Sunglasses

Panto sunglasses stand for the trend of the 20s, at that time this form of glasses was the trademark of the intellectuals. Panto sunglasses offer round or nearly round glasses, the typical Pantoform are glasses that are oval shaped above and roundish below. Panto gills are slightly flattened at the top, their frames are slightly overhanging at the sides and the bridge is particularly typical. The Panto bridge forms together with the frame in the middle of a kind of keyhole shape, by the bridge bulges straight forward and the frame of the glasses inside a small tip towards the nose forms. But do not worry, this is rounded, the Panto sunglasses are therefore still comfortable. Through this keyhole bridge they get their characteristic feature. In the 50s and 60s, this form of glasses was very popular with the gentlemen, in recent times, for example, it has become known by Woody Allen. And today, retro and vintage eyewear models are absolutely trendy - and this for ladies and gents.

Panto Style Eyewear

The Panto sunglasses are therefore available in a variety of sizes, designs, patterned or plain colors and both mirrored and tinted. Whether colorful and trendy or timeless, retro and classic, the Panto model is available for every taste. Here you can individually choose the glasses that best suits your style, your outfits and your face shape. In terms of age and gender, these glasses are unisex and wearable at any age. All our glasses are skin-friendly and are also supplied with a free glasses bag. You have the choice between bright, colorful and high-contrast models, as well as natural variants. If you are looking for timeless sunglasses, we recommend Panto sunglasses.
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