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Silver nose rings, ie septums and nostrils from our chic-net Online Store, are made of 925 sterling silver and are therefore very well tolerated by the skin. Often the silver is used with other high quality materials such as various gemstones, eg. Turquoise or ruby, as well as mother of pearl or faceted glass crystals combined. Our silver nose rings are a very special piercing. Here you will find both normal septums with a small opening in the ring, where you can pierce the jewelry through the piercing hole. A septum runs through the nasal septum. However, we also offer Nostril plugs and rings, these silver nose rings run through a piercing hole on the side of the nostrils. |-| Sterling Silver Piercing Nose Rings ~~ Many of our silver nose rings have a tribal jewelry look, as the silver looks a bit antique and is intentionally oxidized in small places to create dark contrasts. The ornaments by small bows and balls looks exotic and oriental. The nose rings can of course be worn unisex. The thickness of the piercing ring is about 1 mm for all our nose rings silver septum jewelry pieces, but there is also the size of 1.6 mm and the rings are thinner for the Nostril rings or plugs. However, the width and length of the individual piercings with ornaments varies slightly. However, you will also find in the category next door nose rings that look deceptively similar to a real piercing, but can also be worn without Piercingloch. For this purpose, the septum ring is also a small opening, but at the ends of which small balls sit, so that the ring can easily be completely painlessly clamped to the nose. Silver nose rings in different designs If you are looking for a more discreet, noble piercing, you can choose a piercing with small ornaments. A real eye-catcher can be found in a piercing with large silver ornaments or with colorful stones. Our silver nose rings are sometimes also gold plated or with sparkling glass crystals. But whether it's simple or eye-catching, our nose rings complement your outfit perfectly and are now also wearable in the workplace in most occupations.
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