Navel piercing silver

Piercings with shivaeye are available...
Piercings with shivaeye are available for us as bananas navel piercing silver, this is special body jewelry and too good to hide. Whether a banana piercing made of stainless steel or 925 sterling silver with a round or oval Shiva eye, high quality, skin-friendly and well-made are all variants. Unique is also a banana piercing with Shiva eye in the Animal Design of a butterfly or the variant with a glass crystal border. Also, two-piece piercings with Shivaauge, in which one part dangling below the other, we perform as navel piercing silver. We also offer navel piercings with shivaeye in the Organic Piercing category, the difference is that they are combined with wood and correspond to organic jewelery design. |-| Belly Piercing-Silver Jewelry ~~ The piercings with shivaeye in this category, however, consist of high-quality 925 sterling silver and are by design rather ladylike, playful or elegant. Of course, here are the simple classics. Depending on whether you have chosen a simple, an elegant or a colorful piercing, you can combine it with different earrings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and chains with shivaeye from our shop. Please do not forget that Shiva eye earrings are also under ear studs and the Shiva earrings with coconut wood under wooden jewelry. Even plugs as piercings with Shivaauge we offer in the field of organic plugs made of wood. From this you can put together beautiful sets with navel piercing silver jewelry, both natural, playful, colorful, and elegant. The white shiva eye with a subtle spiral and sterling silver will match any outfit, so you can easily combine it with any color. You would like to wear piercing, but you do not want to stretch your ear holes— No problem, we also offer models with shivaeye under the Organic Wood Fake Piercings. However, if you are looking for a chices belly piercing, we recommend the category Piercings at Shivaauge. Beautiful combination of sterling silver and Shivaauge silver and Shiva eye together make very elegant seemingly jewels, even with the navel piercing silver jewelry is no different. Faceted glittering stones add sparkling accents, while dangling pendants emphasize the feminine character. Of course, there are also without Shivaauge great navel piercing-silver jewelry. Silver is already shiny and noble in itself.
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