Natural navel piercings

18.03.2020 09:55

It can be argued about taste - but we all agree that nature has a lot to offer. In the wood sector alone there are umpteen different shades of color and very different and special structures and grains. So why not use these organic treasures for natural navel piercings? No artist in the world could design something that is at the same time natural, subtle, yet extraordinary and attracts attention, something that suits men and women at the same time. That is why we at CHICNET rely on natural navel piercings, i.e. curved barbells made from organic materials such as wood, shell, horn or bone. This organic piercing jewelry is handmade and carefully and smoothly processed. As for natural navel piercings, the balls / motifs are made of wood or shell, while the rod is made of metal, surgical steel or 925 sterling silver. If your favorite is wood, you should protect your piercing from water so that it stays beautiful for a long time. If you want to use natural navel piercings to take a bath with it, you should grab a horn, bone or shell. We offer many models made from Shivaeye, mother-of-pearl or Paua Abalone shells and also a great number of designs from a wide variety of woods and types of wood.

Organic navel piercings

Natural navel piercings also look great in combination with other wooden jewelry or shell jewelry, regardless of whether they are plugs, flesh tunnels or necklaces made of the same wood or pendants, rings and earrings made of mother-of-pearl and Shiva eyes. If naturalness is important to you and you appreciate manual work, then take a look at our collection and fall in love with your favorite piece today. We offer natural belly button piercings in such a variety that there is something for everyone.

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