Mother of pearl ear expander

You have stretched ear holes, love piercings and expanders and have all the usual models already at home? But you surely do not know our hand carved shell mother of pearl ear expander. They are made of real mother-of-pearl shell and are all handmade - so each piece is curved, shaped and colored a little bit different. Mother-of-pearl can take on all shades from white, beige and brown to grey and black. There is also colourful Paua Abalone mother-of-pearl, which shimmers in blue, green, yellow and other shades. But all in a very natural way and without slipping into kitsch, despite many colors and shimmer. This makes the mother-of-pearl ear expanders not only suitable for women, but also for men. We sell the natural beauties individually, but you can of course also wear the mother-of-pearl ear expander in pairs, but the pair will not be identical, which is the attraction of this natural product.

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Mother of pearl ear expander - be different and stand out

Don't you think it's cool to know that no one else is wearing the exact same pearl ear expander as you? This shape, this shading and color combination exists exactly once and this is yours. Of course we can't guarantee that your mother of pearl ear expander looks exactly like the sample photo, but definitely very similar. We offer the mother of pearl ear expander made of shells in different sizes and sometimes start at quite small sizes, you can get them from 2mm, 3mm and 4mm thickness. And this although the motives are hand carved and are very filigree in these sizes. This makes them definitely an absolute eye-catcher. Also the contact with water is no problem with mother of pearl in contrast to other organic piercings made of wood. There is only one thing you should pay attention to: a mother of pearl ear expander is sensitive, most models are also very filigree carved and therefore more fragile than other materials. These thin, filigree parts are more familiar from brass expansion coils, which are much more robust. You should therefore not leave your mother-of-pearl ear expander in your ear overnight or during sports.

Great piercings already in small sizes

So if you are a Dehn beginner and already want to wear beautiful hooks, spirals and other larger piercings, then the mother of pearl ear expanders are ideal for you. You can also combine them with our handmade mother-of-pearl necklaces, some of them have identical or similar motives. And also the necklaces are suitable for ladies and gentlemen. Mother of pearl is nature and therefore unisex, even the iridescence of the shell and the colour shades do not change anything. Our customers appreciate the variety of our shell jewellery, as well as the detailed handicraft. We attach great importance to a mother-of-pearl ear expander to good workmanship and an attractive design in terms of color and motif.

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