Mini-dilatation horn are a nice piercing...

Mini-expansion screw horn

Mini-dilatation horn are a nice piercing variant. Our buffalo horn mini collection has extra narrow diameters, so that you can wear even with not so much stretched or unstretched earholes organic piercing jewelry. Here you will find different shapes and designs, all spirals and expanders are hand-carved piercings, which are very well made. As natural products, they hardly cause allergies and are therefore ideal for people who can not tolerate normal fashion jewelry. If you are more into metal, you will also find piercings and plugs made of 925 sterling silver or stainless steel in small sizes. For all those who value organic raw materials, the mini-expansion screws Horn are optimal. |-| Organic mini-expansion screws Horn ~~ Our Horn Mini Expander sit securely in the ear hole, keep a constant temperature and are visually very appealing due to the black and shiny exterior. Nevertheless, the mini-Dehnschnecken horn are not bulky due to their size, but rather discreet and therefore also great for everyday use. Most measure in diameter only about 1.6 mm and are therefore suitable as a starting point for stretching, as well as for slightly stretched other piercings, for example, the horseshoe shape could also be worn as a septum. Wearable are the expanders and mini-augers horn with normal ear holes, and they are also a good starting point if you want to start stretching. This is possible with the 2 mm Organic Mini Expanders. Horn mini expander The black color also has the advantage that it can be combined with any outfit and is unisex wearable. Also our form designs are unisex usable, no matter if claw, hoop or spirals. It is also important to us that only for our mini-dilatation horn, which is made of buffalo horn, no animal must suffer or die. We get the horn of Southeast Asian farmers who use the whole animal and slaughter it when it's too old to work. For the horn, they find no other use than to sell it, for example to our jewelry manufacturers. Since water buffaloes are vital to farmers, they are also treated well.

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