Mini-expansion screws Wood are expanders with...

Mini-Snails Piercing

Mini-expansion screws Wood are expanders with very small diameters from 1.6 mm to approx. 2 mm. The Holz Mini collection contains extra slim organic expanders, piercings and spirals. All are hand carved and especially suitable for smaller ear holes. The wood expander and mini-expansion screws wood show a natural grain and give a firm hold in the branch channel. The good workmanship and the smooth surface make them comfortable to wear. Also, wood mini expanders always keep a comfortable temperature and for people with nickel allergy wood pieces of jewelry pose no problem. So if you always wanted to wear spirals, hooks, claws and other forms as a piercing, but only with the stretching of the ear holes begin, or but do not intend to stretch the ear holes, so you are right in this category. |-| Wooden Mini Expander ~~ The small, slim mini-augers wood get into normal earholes and then either stay with them, or change from 1.6 mm to 2 mm and then slowly get bigger. Coconut wood has a great grain of bright spots and lines on the brown wood, this looks very natural. For this organic jewelry you can ideally combine our jewelry from the category wood jewelry. Whether wooden chains, chains with wooden pendants, wooden rings, wooden earrings or wooden bangles and bracelets, here you will surely find many pieces of jewelry that can be combined into beautiful, individual sets. Mini expansion screws wood are also ideal if you like piercing, but it should remain unobtrusive. The thick, large expander and plugs are quite noticeable, the minis, however, are very discreet and restrained, so they renounce, for example, bright colors. So there are many good reasons for our wood mini expander and mini wood augers. Versatile mini expander and mini-expansion screws wood Because our mini piercings have such small diameters, you can use them not only for lobe piercing in the ear, but also for slightly stretched other piercings. For example, you can wear the horseshoe shape as a septum piercing. But even in the ear it is more varied, if not only the typical mini-expansion screws wood form attacks, instead, a two-bar, a Schwanenform or a square spiral would be conceivable.

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