Bone Mini Expanders are white and therefore...

Mini-Snails Bone

Bone Mini Expanders are white and therefore discreet and universally combinable. The Bone Mini collection consists of hand-carved natural products, which therefore hardly react with the body. Also, these piercings, expanders and spirals are designed extra narrow, so that no heavily stretched earholes are necessary for wearing. You will find here a wide variety of shapes and designs in the color white. The bone comes from water buffalos from Southeast Asia, because here we can make sure that no animal has to die because of the jewelry. The buffaloes are vital to their farmers and thus enjoy a long, good life. If they are then slaughtered, the farmers have little use for the bone and then sell it, for example, for jewelry making. Mini expanders are ideal expanders if you love piercing but do not want to wear too intrusive pieces. With our Bone Mini Expander variants your ear hole is hardly stretched so that you can still wear normal earrings. |-| Bone Expander in Mini ~~ If you really want to stretch your ear holes, the Bone Mini Expanders are a great way to start wearing spirals and hooks that are a bit more flashy than our smallest plug sizes. Bone provides a firm hold and a consistently consistent temperature and is so comfortable to wear. Whether classic shapes such as spirals with long lace, horseshoes and hoops or unusual designs such as Zweizack, Spikehook or sickle, we carry them all. Another advantage of the Bone Mini Expander is its favorable price, even though they are hand-carved and very delicate. Incidentally, the bone ear jewelery can be combined well with our bone necklaces, which you will find in the fashion jewelry section under chains. By nature beautiful and versatile to assemble our Bone Mini Expander.

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