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Mini Dehnschnecken

Mini expansion screws are nothing...
Mini expansion screws are nothing more than ordinary piercing spirals in very small sizes and strengths. Popular here are the two strengths of 1.6 mm and 2 mm. This is only slightly larger than a normal ear hole and is therefore ideal for the beginning, after all, you want to stretch without destroying tissue. Our Mini Dehnschnecken allow a gentle beginning and can be exchanged for larger as soon as this distance is reached. Our mini collection includes the organic materials bone, horn and wood, so the colors of the mini stretch screws are black, white or brown. Again, there are not only spirals, but many other forms. |-| Variants of the Mini Piercings ~~ Here you will find the most varied motifs and shapes in addition to the classic spirals. Among them are elaborate flourishes and bows, but also simple sickles, hoops orHorseshoe. With these piercings you can slowly and gently stretch the first Piercinglöcher, for example, then later to carry a plug or tunnels in the branch channel. Although there are also plugs between one to three millimeters, but they do not do so much in such a small size. If you still want a beautiful and visible motif, so it is worthwhile to grab at such small puncture channels first to Mini Piercings and Mini Dehnschnecken. The filigree designs do not seem too intrusive, but nice and discreet. Mini Dehnschnecken Mini Extension Screws are suitable for many more body parts than their large siblings. Because hardly anyone stretches the Septumpiercing or the Lippenpiercings, the Nostril or eyebrow piercing on more than 3 mm. Our mini collection only goes up to 2mm and this is actually for labrets, septum piercings and other piercings
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