Maori Piercing - the special plug and tunnel jewelry

17.03.2020 14:21

What is a Maori piercing? Maori is called the indigenous people of New Zealand, or today in New Zealand it can count as a Maori who identifies with the culture of the Maori

fected. The Maori believe in myths of spirits and many gods, the ancestor cult is also important. Maori piercing jewelry uses symbols from the spiritual and mythological world of the Maori. Incidentally, these symbols are not only found as Maori piercing, but also in necklaces or tattoos. The symbol of a fishing hook is called Hei Matau and is often used as a pendant and for Maori piercing designs.


The depiction of waves, such as those often found on plugs, tunnels or surf chains, represents the ups and downs of life and the importance of the ocean for the Maori. A symbol for power, good luck charm and communication with the gods is the gecko or lizard, which is often designed in great detail and is often found in Maori piercing and jewelry from CHICNET. The so-called Marquesas Cross is a well-known symbol for Maori piercing jewelry, it looks a little like a turtle shell and symbolizes the balance of the elements and the harmony.

The turtle itself stands for perseverance, long life and is a lucky charm, it is very important in the Polynesian symbol world and we like to use it. The sun stands for grandeur, dominance and shine. The wheku is a carved face and represents an ancestor. All of these symbols are commonly found on Maori piercing plugs and tunnels.
So if you are looking for plugs and tunnels with exotic motifs and a deeper meaning, a Maori piercing is ideal for you. The Maori style has made it onto some of our flesh tunnels, plugs and expansion screws and can be found in the wooden pendants of our wooden chains. Find your favorite Maori piercing at CHICNET too.

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