Madonna piercing

Madonna piercing in a sparklingly beautiful lookThe Madonna piercing is a popular lip piercing: it is placed on the left or right of the upper lip and resembles the beauty spots that some stars possess at this point. As a result, this lip piercing has also received its name - it is not only referred to as a Madonna piercing, but commonly referred to as Steel Crawford or Chrome Crawford. For the Madonna piercing usually straight running plugs are used. These are available in our shop in various designs, sizes and diameters. Find the matching piercing jewelry to express your Madonna piercing. Whether glamorous sparkling with rhinestones or in noble gold optics - our wide range of piercing offers something for every taste.

Madonna Piercing - from the discreet to the colorful design

A Madonna Piercing is always different depending on the piece of jewelry to advantage : The piercing can appear in elegant gold or silver look and with a classic ball as closure very subtle in appearance - or is the choice of a colorful piercing jewelry to colorful eye-catcher. Colored Madonna piercings are available in our shop, especially in the form of our plastic piercings, which not only look very decorative, but also bring a very comfortable fit thanks to their flexibility of form. A feast for the eyes are also our Labret plugs with zirconia stone, which sparkle enchantingly depending on the incidence of light. Give your Madonna piercing character: Our shop offers you a wide selection of piercing plugs for your labret piercing. Use high quality piercing jewelery to enjoy a pleasant wearing comfort and to enjoy your Madonna piercing for a long time.
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