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Lobe Piercing: Jewelry for the...
Lobe Piercing: Jewelry for the classic ear hole The lobe piercing is what is commonly understood by the classic "ear hole". It is pierced by the soft earlobe and refers to all piercings that reach up to the cartilage of the helix piercing. Several lobe piercings can also be placed side by side. There are jewelery for the Lobe piercing in particularly many variants. The classic stud earrings and earrings are complemented by a wide range of tunnels and plugs, with which the lobe piercing can stretch. In our shop you will find expander in different sizes, with which you can gradually extend your lobe piercing and adorn it with an expressive piece of jewelery.
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Lobe Piercing: Fashionable plugs and tunnels for stretching

The Lobe Piercing is the most stretched piercing. While it is only possible to stretch to about 10 mm in most piercings, the lobe piercing can be significantly increased here - depending on the anatomy even more than 50 mm are possible. In our shop you will also find piercing jewelery for your Lobe Piercing in many different sizes and diameters, as well as a variety of designs that meet different wishes and personality types. Put on classy brass tunnels in a trendy vintage look or make your lobe piercing with a colorful acrylic plug an eye-catcher. Also 3D plugs are included in our range and combine a comfortable fit with a fashionable, effective look. Of course, our wood collection of piercing jewelery is naturally beautiful. Be inspired by an almost inexhaustible variety of jewelery for your Lobe Piercing - and make your ear jewelery to something special. Our piercing jewelery is comfortable to wear and, thanks to its high quality, is durable and robust. With different motifs and patterns, you can decorate your lobe piercing individually and implement your own style.
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