Lippenband Piercing: For a radiant smileThe...

Lip band piercing

Lippenband Piercing: For a radiant smileThe Lippenband Piercing is a special form of Lippenpiercings that is usually stung in the lip band of the upper lip. Rarely, this piercing is also chosen for the lip band of the lower lip. It is ideal for those who love individual body jewelry, but want to wear the piercing rather discreetly. The lip band Piercing can be seen only when talking or laughing and is otherwise hidden by the lip. For your lip band piercing you will find the right jewelry in our shop, which will make your smile even more radiant. Put on high-quality jewelry that is comfortable to wear and your lip band piercing in the most beautiful way brings to advantage. | Lip Piercing with high wearing comfort The lip band piercing is a comparatively uncomplicated piercing that heals quickly and usually little Makes problems. However, the piercing jewelry should not be too large to avoid damaging the teeth. That's why in the ChicNet-Shop Lippenband you get piercings in different sizes and diameters. In addition to piercing jewelry made of high quality stainless steel, we also carry plastic variants, which bring thanks to their material flexibility with a particularly high level of comfort. For the Lippenbändchen usually rings are selected, which are also referred to as Circular Barbell Piercing. Our clamp ring piercing with clamp ball already has cult status among the piercings and can be easily used. It is as lip piercing as suitable for decorating other mouth and Lippenpiercings. Set on high quality to give your lip band piercing expression and to conjure up an even brighter smile in the face: Our piercing jewelry has an expressive and noble appearance and offers you a comfortable fit.

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