Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are very popular...
Leather bracelets are very popular with men and women. Compared to other textiles leather is much more resistant and therefore the perfect accessory for everyday wear. In addition, there are leathers in various designs and colors: dark, light or colored, thick or thin. Our leather bracelets are also diverse: colorful, discreet, plaited or smooth. Choose from different widths, patterns, designs and colors. In the range you will find leather straps that are combined with other materials such as lava stones, pearls, gold studs ortarget = "_ blank"> glass crystals. There are small symbols of ceramic or brass on the bracelets such as a skull, leaves or a heart. A men's leather bracelet is timeless and can be worn in any fashion era. But just recently there is a trend that does not seem to abate. Therefore, opt for a men's leather bracelet and give your outfit a certain visual touch, something complementary that emphasizes your personality. |-| Leather Bracelets ~~ Leather is a supple, tough, relatively strong, durable and versatile material. It is relatively impermeable to water, yet it is breathable, ie sufficiently permeable to air and water vapor. The surface treatment of the grain side leather can get certain effects. It can be shiny or dull. Also, the resistance of the surface can be significantly improved
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