Ladies chains and necklaces

 Ladies Chains

Do you know that? You make yourselves chic for a certain occasion, but something is missing? The certain something that makes you an absolute eye-catcher is simply not available.
Ladies chains enhance every outfit and stand out from the crowd discreetly or conspicuously.
Because there is the right chain shape for every top and the right material and design for every occasion. So that your outfit is not only beautiful, but perfect!

Necklaces in history and today

Jewellery has been around as long as mankind can remember, the first necklaces in the Stone Age consisted of snail shells threaded on chains. Some of them were also painted, as color pigments testify. In the past, jewellery and necklaces served to show others their own status, but they were also an expression of happiness and liveliness in view of the mortality people were aware of. The arbitrary choice of colours and materials for necklaces developed over time into a symbolism that revealed the social status of the wearer. In some cultures, for example, only the chief and the medicine man were allowed to wear jewellery. Later there were certain chains for emperors and kings and even today a massive chain indicates the status of the rector of a university, so it is a chain of office, as some mayors of certain places have one. Today, necklaces are thought of as ladies' necklaces, but in the past, necklaces also decorated men in certain positions. Valuable necklaces today are also seen as an alternative investment, still a status symbol. A further meaning of gentlemen and ladies chains in the past is the grave addition, in Egypt was even in addition to the jewelry, which the deceased has worn during his lifetime still extra jewelry as a grave addition manufactured. Jewellery pieces like an amulet with scarab beetle also had a religious/magical meaning. This can still be found today as well: ladies' necklaces are still praised today as talismans and lucky charms, for example in esotericism, stone chains are said to have healing powers and believers show their faith with a cross or an Om on a necklace. Today a ladies necklace is one thing above all else: adorning. Of course, ladies necklaces are also presented today partly as a status symbol, these are then the really expensive chains of gold with diamonds and diamonds. But also less rich women like to adorn themselves with ladies necklaces, they are an important accessory and are often chosen to match earrings, rings and bracelets.

Variety of ladies necklaces today

Especially today, women are spoilt for choice, because there is an endless variety of necklaces, which differ in different points, for example the style and design. Here you will find classic silver necklaces and gold chains, as well as high-quality models with diamonds and precious stones, both striking and solid necklaces, and simple discreet pendants. There are also statement necklaces made of costume jewellery, which also cover large parts of the décolleté and want one thing above all: to stand out. Ethno and tribal necklaces with pearls, stones, shells and other natural materials are also popular. There is also the cool casual Varinate, for example the surfer necklace with surfboard or shell pendant for the beach, these necklaces are often also available as men's necklaces. With the ladies necklaces you should not forget the boho and vintage look, which can also be romantically playful. Hippie necklaces with peace signs and flowers are also popular with men and women. For the ladies interesting are also the long chains, which are often very filigree and consist of several layers and a monochrome top wonderfully in scene. Also to mention are choker necklaces and collars and the richly with lace and stones decorated Gothic necklaces. Not to forget the numerous pendants that are offered today, from the classic cross, medallion and heart to all possible figures and motifs to the latest trend round plates or dog tags, which can still be personalized with an engraving. This is another reason why people today like to wear necklaces: whether men or women necklaces: with a personal engraving they are an ideal gift and remind us of the loved ones we always carry with us. Whether it's your husband, your partner, your best friend or the names of your own children.

Further differences of the chains is the material, which is chosen naturally suitably to the style, or in addition, depending upon skin compatibility with allergies, e.g. on nickel. Chains are available in stainless steel, 925 sterling silver, gold-plated or pure gold, brass or copper, as well as jewellery wire, cords, leather strap, cotton strap or rubber. Each material has its own charm and underlines a certain style, be it noble, elegant, classic or casual, modern or vintage or tribal. If you are allergic to silver or brass, for example, you will prefer gold or cotton. With brass, the sweat of a few people reacts with the metal, causing it to turn green. If this has happened to someone, it is advisable to do without brass jewellery, or to wear it only silver-plated or gold-plated. Especially brass and copper are the core of gold or silver plated ladies necklaces. They are cheaper than pure real jewellery, but look just as beautiful from the outside. However, you should protect them from water, so take them off for bathing and showering so that they stay beautiful for a long time.

Necklaces as fashionable accessory...

Different shapes of the classic ladies necklaces

In contrast to the necklace, which describes quite broad necklace, which is also often decorated with pearls and precious stones, and the wide metal necklace, the dainty necklaces are made of silver, gold or stainless steel. Depending on the shape of the individual chain links and how they are put together, they carry different names. The most famous and popular form of necklace is certainly the snake chain, this is characterized by wafer-thin processed silver. With these ladies chains the individual chain elements lie so closely together that they work like a filigree silver ribbon, available in different strengths and suitably to each pendant or as a discreet silver chain. Also known is the tank chain, which could best be described as follows: oval to round chain links that lie one inside the other, but whose upper and lower sides appear flat, as each link is twisted by 90° in itself. These chains are often solid and also available in different widths, mostly they are worn without a pendant. A variation of this is the Figaro chain, in which other links are integrated at regular intervals, which are more oval and longer than the other links. The result is an interesting pattern, which is also worn without a pendant and used as men's and women's chains. Very well-known are also the anchor chains, which remind as the name already says of the normal chain of a ship anchor, thus oval and closely interlocking chain links. With the round anchor chain these links are round instead of oval. In a pea chain, the round chain links are not quite so closely interlocking and are always arranged as follows: one link is vertical, the next is horizontal. In the ball chain, round balls are connected relatively rigidly to each other by a wire, they look like small beads lined up on a string. The king chain is particularly high-quality and not easy to manufacture, with it many intertwined chain links form a wide band, which in former times was actually worn by kings. Wheat chains are made of closely connected links which, viewed from above, remind one of a wheat ear; they are often worn with a pendant. Necklaces made of round, interlocking links are called rolo chains. A special feature are the plate chains, which carry small rectangular plates with two holes between the normal chain links, at the holes the plates are connected with the remaining chain links.
We don't want to leave more exotic chain forms made of other materials unmentioned, so there is the Choker necklace which fits tightly to the neck, often in Gothic look with lace or made of velvet also in traditional costume style. Neck rings are made of metal, these are rigid and are placed around the neck, also they are relatively tight fitting. Multi-row necklaces, which often cover the whole area between neck and chest, are also called waterfall necklaces. If the chains are not necessarily multi-row, but large and conspicuous they are called statement chains. In addition, there are adjustable chains made of cotton or leather, these ladies chains usually wear a pendant. With a Y-chain, one end is pulled through the round other end and then protrudes downwards, so that the Y-shape results.

What if my metal chain got knotted?

A knot in a silver chain or gold chain is sometimes not so easy to loosen, especially not by force. Firstly, the precious piece could otherwise be damaged, and secondly, you often pull the knot even tighter. In order to untangle ladies' chains, you need a sure instinct, or if nothing helps at all: the way to the nearest jewellery shop, where a specialist can help you. But first it is worth trying the following things: drip some cooking oil or detergent on the affected area, wait a few minutes and then carefully try to loosen the knot again. And: lay the chain flat on a table and carefully walk between the knots with a needle or toothpick and slowly loosen and widen this area until the knot loosens. Sometimes it can also help to work with two needles at the same time. If you find it difficult to work with fine needles, you should use pins, which are easier to hold on to your head.

Adjustable Ladies Chains

Of course, adjustable necklaces are very practical, because they fit to every neck and you can vary the length depending on the cut and style. Adjustable necklaces often have a lobster clasp and an extension chain. But there are also other creative solutions, e.g. with cotton ribbons a system of two knots, over which you can vary the length of the chain. In the case of very long necklaces, it is often not even necessary to fasten the necklace, as it can be wrapped around the neck several times without it.

Which chains are suitable for men?

Nowadays many things revolve around ladies chains, but history knows many men chains. Simple silver or gold chains are suitable for the men's world, whether as armoured chain or anchor chain, of course also the king chain. If the chain is combined with a pendant, also wheat chain and snake chain fit. Dog tags or crosses are popular as pendants for men. Can it be a bit more casual and sporty? In this case men use surfer necklaces or necklaces with cotton ribbon and stone or wood pendants. Especially motifs like the tree of life, the vegvisir or the all-seeing eye are often chosen by men. Leather ribbon necklaces with cool pendants also underline the masculine look. Pendants with real teeth, e.g. a shark tooth, are therefore also popular.

Shell and gemstones for ladies necklaces

With the Ladies everything is processed in chains, which decorates and glitters gladly also and sparkles. The sparkling fraction includes glitter balls, glass crystals, Murano glass, zirconia stones and of course real diamonds. The natural materials used include shells such as the colourful shimmering Paua Abalone, white shimmering mother-of-pearl, the spiral Shiva eye, coloured mother-of-pearl, whole snail shells of sea snails or coral. In addition, gemstones and pearls are often used to make necklaces. The white pearl necklace is so to speak the classic among the ladies necklaces. Splinters of mother-of-pearl, gemstones or Murano glass, cut stone beads or Murano glass beads, as well as mother-of-pearl discs are offered by fashion jewelry chains threaded on jewelry wire. Gemstones like lapis lazuli, rose quartz, tiger's eye, turquoise, malachite, jade, smoky quartz, moonstone, labradorite, jasper, carnelian or chalcedony are also used for special pendants, very popular also in hexagonal form.

 Which necklace fits which top/neck?

Large eye-catching necklaces such as the currently hip statement necklaces or sweeping waterfall necklaces can be worn wonderfully with a turtleneck sweater, especially of course if it is plain. A normal shirt can be worn with tight necklaces like the Choker necklace or a thick pearl necklace. If you love it even more, you can also wear a so-called collar necklace, i.e. a necklace that forms a shirt collar, just made of jewellery. Fine necklaces with filigree pendants work well with a waterfall collar, but they should always end before the voluminous collar begins. With a blouse, filigree necklaces also look good, often combined with a beautiful pendant, e.g. in a colour that matches the colour of the blouse well. Large necklaces go wonderfully well with round, deep necklines. With a straight Bandeau top you can either wear a tight fitting necklace, or a long chain, which still reaches over the top, because both fits here. With a very pointed, deep neckline a Y-chain fits ideally. With larger V-necks the waterfall and statement chains make themselves very beautiful. To a top that is only shoulder-free on one side, very eye-catching and playful necklaces may be combined, because this look is already eye-catching and seductive. With a wide submarine neckline it is really important to wear the right chain shape so that your neck is visually stretched, here long chains are ideal, either multi-row and filigree or long pearl necklaces. Do you have a square neckline? Then also wear a square necklace, or a necklace with a square pendant, this complements the look perfectly. For a heart-shaped neckline such as corsages, round and heart-shaped pendants that end just above the top fit perfectly. For the men, the thing is much simpler: they do not wear their necklaces directly on the neck as with the choker, but relatively tight-fitting. Long necklaces for men are almost only known from the hip hop scene for rappers. So the men have it much easier, but you ladies now have our guidebook, so that you can find the right necklace for every top in the future. And who knows, maybe you will discover your favourite piece with us, because we offer you in all areas a very large selection of different ladies chains.

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