Labret piercing

Labret Piercing: piercing jewelry for the lower lipAs Labret piercing is generally usually a lip piercing - more precisely, it is a piercing of the lower lip. For the Labret piercing there are different pieces of jewelry - often a ring or a circular barbell piercing, a so-called horseshoe piercing, used, but also special Labret plugs are often and gladly used. In our shop you will find Labret piercing jewelry in great variety and can give your piercing on the lip again and again a new look. Whether noble plugs in glittering gold or silver look or colorful pieces of jewelery - we offer something suitable for every taste.

Labret Piercing: rings and plugs in many trendy designs

As Labret Piercing often Curved Barbell Piercings are used - so-called bananas Piercings: This is a bent pin, at both ends of which is a closure ball or other jewelry object for closing the plug. These Labret piercings are available in our shop from high-quality stainless steel as well as from flexible plastic, which brings a particularly high wearing comfort with itself. Colorful colors adorn our range as well as jewelery with sparkling rhinestones or with adorable star, heart or flower shapes. Monochrome as well as multicolored Labret Piercings can be ordered online and give your lip piercing a distinctive look. Our Labret Piercings are characterized by a high quality, which is reflected in a comfortable fit, longevity and an attractive, modern look. Whether ring, horseshoe piercing, banana piercing or straight Labret plug - the choice is yours. Browse through our multi-faceted offer and design your Labret piercing again and again. Different sizes and diameters ensure that you find the right piercing piece of jewelry to match your lips.
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