Our Labret, Barbell, Banana Stainless Steel...

Labret, barbell, banana stainless steel

Our Labret, Barbell, Banana Stainless Steel Piercings are a colorful mix of different stainless steel piercings. So you can find here the different barbells, ie the Straight Barbell, the Curved Barbell or Banana, the Circular Barbell and the Ball Closure Ring, also Labret Piercings, as well as Septum Clicker and Septums. The category name Labret, Barbell, banana stainless steel simply stands for a colorful variety of stainless steel piercings. Another name for stainless steel is also surgical steel, since it is also used in medicine, because it is very skin-friendly, even for people with allergies. Although stainless steel contains nickel, it is so tightly bound that it does not irritate the skin.

Labret, Barbell, Banana Stainless Steel Piercings

Piercings made of stainless steel are available in shiny or matt, because stainless steel can be polished very well. However, stainless steel is not a very light metal, but this is no problem for small piercings. Only with very large piercings for stretched canal can the weight stretch the tissue. Stainless steel is available in a variety of colors, so that the Labret, Barbell, banana stainless steel piercings in silver, golden, black or even ionized appear. By ionizing, surgical steel shines in colorful rainbow colors. Stainless steel piercings also do not discolour and are scratch-resistant, so that the beauty is preserved for a long time. In addition, piercings made of stainless steel can be sterilized with steam pressure. Different motivesBy the variety of the category Labret, Barbell, banana stainless steel piercings, we have a variety of motives: so ends Labrets on one side with a plate, Barbells end with balls, cones or other motifs, the banana usually carries at one end a larger disc or other shapes and septum clickers are V- or U-shaped and locked with click brackets. In addition to the different colors of the stainless steel, some Labret, Barbell, Banana stainless steel piercings as well as the Nostril and Septum Clicker faceted glass crystals in a variety of colors and sparkle in the light. Instead of bullets and cones, motifs such as roses, skeleton hands, skulls, stars and others are also used.
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