Jewelry Piercing Trends Among Male Women

In jewellery and piercings there are timeless classics and new trends that disappear after some time, but come back at some point. Of course it makes sense to own jewelry classics, because they accompany you for a lifetime and your favorite piece makes you individual. But you also want to be up to date with the latest fashion, and so that you are well informed what is currently in, we introduce you to the Jewelry & Piercing Trends for Men & Women. New in the field of piercing are dermal implants, although they are not necessarily piercings, but body modifications. The very brave among you can create a completely unusual look with implants under the skin. A transdermal implant helps other gemstones to wear at the most unusual body parts. If you think dermal implants and co are too risky, you can use the harmless small variants like the Surface Bars or the Microdermals like the Dermal Anchor and the Skin Divers. We will inform you about the insertion and removal of the skinplates here, as well as possible risks and care instructions for the skin piercings.

Shimmering skin jewelry trends for men and women

The next summer trend is far less harmless and just as trendy: Flash tattoos, i.e. adhesive tattoos with a metallic or golden or silver shimmer that look like jewellery on the skin. These last almost a week with our tips, and there are a variety of motifs, so there is also something for men. How to get them on your skin is explained here.

Different Piercing types with us in the Onlineshop

¬¬†¬¬†¬¬† Fake Piercings
¬¬†¬¬†¬¬† nose piercings
¬¬†¬¬†¬¬† belly button piercings
¬¬†¬¬†¬¬† Straight Barbell Piercing

Jewellery trends for the ladies

The jewellery trends, on the other hand, appeal more to the ladies, because here the trend is towards opulent and conspicuous. Whether with richly decorated, long XXL earrings in bright colors or ethno jewelry in oriental designs with feathers, stones, colorful threads or Indian jewelry in silver turquoise. Indian jewellery or an Ethno jewellery ring also adorns the men's world, so there is something for women & men here. The ladies can now reach for a striking hair ribbon with textile flowers or for artfully designed hairstyles. If this is not enough for you, you can decorate your whole upper body with an upper body chain, a bikini chain or a belly chain, also these pieces of jewellery are abundant and multi-layered branched, as well as relatively discreet, because you will attract attention with it in any case. For necklaces the Choker Necklace has established itself, if you want a more sumptuous jewelry over the whole dťcolletť, you can use the Choker Necklace with pearls and lace.

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