Gilded jewelry

Gilded Jewelry: Deceptively Real Gold...
Gilded Jewelry: Deceptively Real Gold Look Gilded jewelry is virtually indistinguishable from real gold jewelry - and at the same time significantly cheaper in price. While a single piece can often be prohibitively expensive for high-quality gold jewelery, you can also purchase a complete set of gold-plated jewelery at an attractive price in our shop. Whether gold-plated chains, bracelets or earrings - put your own gold-plated jewelry together. Our pieces of jewelery can be combined with one another at will and are worn individually a real highlight. Many jewels also adorn gemstones and loving details that make gold-plated jewelery unique and uniquely beautiful.
Earrings gold plated

18k gold plated copper ear jewelery includes earrings, earrings...

Gold plated necklaces

18k gold-plated copper chains are optically indistinguishable...

gold-plated bracelets

18k gold-plated copper bracelet is very filigree and is well...

Gold-plated jewelry sets

18k gold-plated copper jewelry sets contain copper jewelry that...

Gold-plated silver jewelry sets

Gilded silver jewelry sets of earrings or ear studs and matching...

Gold-plated silver pendant

Gold-plated silver pendants are something extravagant for all...

Silver earrings gold plated

Gold plated silver earrings are high quality and especially...


Gold-plated jewelery: Noble look with copper and sterling silver

Gold-plated jewelery consists of 18ct gold-plated copper jewelery that shines golden and the real one Precious metal is indistinguishable. The applied gold layer reveals no difference in color to pure gold jewelry. In addition, we also stock gold-plated silver jewelery, which finishes 925 sterling silver in a special way. Let yourself be inspired by our large and varied selection of gold-plated jewelery, which includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants in many different designs. You can also find complete jewelery sets that combine different jewelery pieces of a design series in our offer. Gilded jewelry is the right choice for those who want gold jewelery and at the same time want to pay a low price for their jewelery. The high quality of materials and workmanship makes our gold-plated jewelry a durable and stable accessory - the fashionable designs provide extravagance and stylish elegance.
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