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Our online shop offers a comprehensive range of different types of jewelery. For the sake of clarity, we have sorted and grouped our jewelry according to the different types in this category. Plugs, for example, can be found in a wide variety of plug models, whether sterling silver, brass, stainless steel or organic materials such as horn, wood or bone or even variants made of silicone and acrylic: they all have in common that they can be used as a plug. So Plugträger get presented directly all models at a glance and can choose the model that suits them best. Of course, our types of jewelery do not just include piercings, even though the different types of piercing naturally make up a large proportion of subcategories.
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Not everyone can or would like to wear every type of jewelery, but when sorting by material or body they mostly appear on it. This category, on the other hand, allows you to view only models of interest to you. For example, if you do not like earrings, but only wear plugs, you will get a wide variety of ear studs at a glance here. It was never easier to find his favorite. Whether whole jewelry sets, bracelets, rings, chains or foot jewelry, here everyone will find what he needs. The ear jewelery assortment is subdivided with the jewelery types into ear plugs, earrings, earrings, double pearl ear jewelery, fake Piercings, hoops, Plugs, tunnels and the most different rings and Barbells, as well as Dehnschnecken and Dehnstäbe. The category accessories for piercing and ear studs can be found here, this also offers simple chains without a trailer. Great variety of materials and designs for every type of jewelery But not only the large number of jewelery types offers you numerous choices, even within one type there is a wide variety of materials and designs. Also, this category draws attention to types of jewelry that are not part of the basic equipment, but quite interesting. Here are the brooches and pins, the double pearl earrings, and the anklets mentioned. However, if you prefer sorting by material or body, that is not a problem, because we also offer this sorting. If you want to see our bestsellers or special offers, just use the corresponding filters within the jewelery types.
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