Industrial piercing

Industrial Piercing - the special piercing on the ear Industrial piercing is a variant of the ear piercing for those who like it unusual: If a classic ear piercing like a tragus piercing or a helix piercing is not exciting enough, the industrial piercing may suit your taste. This piercing consists of two individual piercings, which are connected by a barbell. The rod usually connects a piercing on the upper edge of the auricle with the opposite, the head near sides. Not every Piercingliebhaber Industrial piercing is possible because it depends heavily on the anatomy. If you are a proud bearer of an industrial piercing, you will find in our shop the suitable pieces of jewelery, in order to effectively put this special ear piercing in the limelight.

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Industrial Piercing in Extravagant Designs

The Industrial Piercing comes in a special way already by its unusual way of ear piercing and the connection of two pierced ears. Even more attention with this piercing, if you opt for high-quality jewelry. In our shop you will find fashionable industrial piercings that quickly attract admiring glances. Our jewelry made of high-quality stainless steel are guided as a rod through the two piercing holes and closed with balls or other closure objects at the ends. Lovable details, such as a bent heart on the stick, make the Industrial Piercing an eyecatcher. The good material quality gives the piercing a stylish character. Make your industrial piercing a feast for the eyes and proudly present this special kind of ear piercing. In our shop you will find expressive jewelery for your piercing, in addition to the industrial piercing also many other rings and plugs for your ear piercings.
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