Horn Jewelry

Naturally beautiful and in stylish...
Naturally beautiful and in stylish elegance - this is how our horn jewelery, which is made of natural horn material and is an exceptional alternative to classic gold or silver jewelery, is shown. Put on our fascinating nature to wear a particularly light and noble jewelry. Horn jewelry can vary in its design varied and is available in our shop in shiny natural look or painted colorful. Frequently Horn is also combined with other materials to create unique pieces of jewelry - for example, with stainless steel or sparkling stones as inlays. Horn jewelery is a fashionable accessory - and at the same time a real unique piece. Many of our jewelery pieces are hand-painted and hand-carved, making them unique.
Creoles made of horn

Horn hoops with pins can not only be worn with punky outfits,...

Fake piercing from horn

Fake piercing horns are available in great variety. Whether a...

Piercing Plug and Tunnels from Horn

Buffalo horn is also a good starting material for our handcrafted...

Spirals / Expander Horn

Spiral / Expander Horn Jewelry is hand carved and consists of...


Horn jewelery: Naturally beautiful and available in many variants

Horn jewelery can be found in the Chic Net shop in the form of earrings and piercing jewelery in many different designs. A particularly large selection awaits you on tunnels and plugs, spirals and expanders. Creoles with pins made of horn are also available. As an alternative to real piercings, we also offer fake piercing jewelery that you can wear like a real piercing without getting stung. Our fake piercings made of horn look deceptively real and can be easily attached. The horn jewelery from our shop is made of buffalo horn, which farmers can no longer use and thus resell it for jewelery production. The farmers use the entire animal - and only slaughter it when they really need it. No animal has to die for our horn jewelery - that's what we value. Put on a natural material while wearing jewelry that comes from a powerful and strong animal - and provides a modern, elegant look. Noble horn jewelery in stylish opticsHorn jewelery is shiny black and can be carved filigree and lovingly, so that even smallest details emerge. For example, our various mini expansion screws and other expander forms made of horn, but also piercings in the form of snakes, wings and filigree ornaments. These wear partly inlays of real stones or bone.
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