Hoops are a jewelry classic and have...
Hoops are a jewelry classic and have long been known as jewelry. These are round earrings that run directly through the ear hole. These are available in all sizes and diameters, small to several centimeters large. Especially in the 90s, big creoles were very popular. Although worn by women today, they were originally used by men. Sailors scratched their initials to make it easier to identify them when they died abroad. In addition, it guaranteed the sailor a Christian funeral, this was paid with the value of the golden creole. Carpenters wore Creoles as a sign of guild membership. Today, of course, creoles are chic pieces of jewelry that are wearable as Organic Pin Creoles meanwhile again for the men. |-| Variants of the hoop earrings ~~ In addition to the trendy and chic earrings made of silver, copperor brass, there is today also the cool variant of organic materials such as wood, bone or horn, this is worn as pin-hoop earrings. Pin Creole means that the thick little Creole does not run directly through the ear hole, but is attached via a pin made of wood or horn in the branch channel. These pin hoops are colorfully painted or uni, in different sizes and shapes, so that there is a choice for every taste. There are of course various models made of stainless steel, silver, copper or brass and other materials. These show partly open forms, which are attached as stud earrings, partly the original, which runs directly through the branch canal of the lobe piercing. Again, there are colorful colors, some neon glowing, some classic silver, golden or coated with colorful enamel. Playful and feminine are the variants that are either transversely decorated with floral designs or wear small pendants below, partly also occupied with faceted
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