Helix piercing with a special charm The Helix...

Helix piercing

Helix piercing with a special charm The Helix Piercing is located on the bead-like border of the auricle. It is stung by the cartilage tissue and is today a popular ear piercing, which can be put on again and again. Both rings and plugs can be used as a helix piercing and range in our shop from elegant gold and silver variations to colorful designs and jewelery in special shapes. Make your Helix Piercing a figurehead and give it a special charm - our large and varied selection of jewelery makes it easy to find the right piercing for every taste and every personality.

Helix Piercing - fashionable and comfortable to wear ~ ~ The Helix Piercing has a long history and is a cultural symbol in many ethnic groups in Africa and Asia. In this country, it serves as a fashion accessory as well as an expression of one's own personality and is one of the most popular ear piercings, which is gladly presented ornate. Our range includes Circular Barbell piercings as well as classic piercing plugs that can be worn as a helix piercing. You will find shiny stainless steel jewelery in our shop as well as piercing jewelery made of high-quality plastic, which is particularly comfortable to wear. Our pieces of jewelery are all very well tolerated and offer you a high wearing comfort with at the same time decorative and fashionable effect. Our Helix Piercings can also be used for other forms of ear piercing or worn on other parts of the body. Expand your assortment of piercing jewelery and define your helix piercing again and again. With our fine pieces of jewelry you make your ear piercing an eye-catcher.

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