Handmade jewelry makes you stand out from the crowd

17.03.2020 13:00

Do you love something special? We too - and therefore we rely on high quality and individuality instead of industrially manufactured bulk goods.

We love natural materials such as horn, bones, mother-of-pearl and shells, wood and stone, and what can be more than handmade jewelry? No matter if handmade costume jewelry, handmade silver jewelry or handmade gold jewelry, we offer you all these directions.

The area of ​​handmade costume jewelry includes the large tribal and ethnic area made of organic materials, which are lovingly carved, sanded and engraved by hand.

Since nature is not identical in terms of color and grain, and humans do not work exactly the same as a machine, every piece of jewelry is a unique piece. Only handmade jewelry offers this advantage and sets you apart from the crowd.

In the area of ​​handmade silver jewelry, we offer the direction of Hill Tribe Silver, which is pure silver that is processed by the Hill Tribe tribes to their motifs. Or 925 sterling silver, which we process in combination with real stones, Shiva eye, coral, mother of pearl and other shells to really unique silver rings, pendants, ear studs and earrings. These can also be combined great and here, too, handmade jewelry is very different from machine goods - each piece is shaped, polished and polished with love and care.

Handmade gold jewelry can be found in our Goldschmied assortment, here unique pieces are created, which also take personal wishes into account. Handmade jewelry are also our gold-filled gold-plated necklaces with and without gemstones.
No matter which direction, whether you love organic jewelry or real jewelry - handmade jewelry is made with great care and accuracy and attention to detail and is therefore much nicer than industrial goods. At CHICNET we only offer you the best - in all areas. Look around and grab it!

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