Hand painted glass ear jewelery

Handpainted glass is definitely a highlight. You like to fall? Then you will find in this category the right glass jewelry for yourself. The hand-painted glass earrings feature various shapes such as plastic hearts, diamonds, circles, shells or squares. All have in common that they are handpainted in bright colors, here there are very different motives, from the check pattern, a star, to the jagged color gradient can be found here everything. Through the glass often creates a beautiful glitter effect is enhanced by the light irradiation.

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Fashion jewelry Earrings made of hand-painted glass

Hanbemaltes glass which are processed to earrings are unique, since none are the same as they are not made by machine. We attach great importance to qualitative handicrafts and their associated charm, the hand-painted glass brings with it. Handpainted glass has been known for a long time, such as Christmas decorations or painted tumblers. The jewelry requires a filigree and calm hand of the designer, because the works on which tricks are much smaller. This is exactly what makes our jewelery so special. There are no limits to the pattern and so you will find a wide selection in our Chic-Net Online Shop. Hand-painted glass can also be found in other categories, so that they can optimally combine the pieces of jewelery. Just look for example in the categories of chains or bracelets, there you will find more products made of hand-painted glass. These products are suitable for every occasion and every outfit. If you wear a very special piece of jewelry and want to attract attention then it has to be handpainted glass.
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