Gold-plated jewelry sets

18k gold-plated copper jewelry sets contain copper jewelry that is distinguished by the gold layer and optically not distinguishable from pure gold jewelry. Combined with a set were either our gold-plated bracelets with corresponding chains, or earrings with a chain in the same motif. In our shop you will find various designs, colors and motifs, so there is something for everyone.

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Sets of 18ct Gold Plated Copper Jewelry ~ 18ct Gold Plated Copper Jewelry Sets provide an easy way to purchase perfectly matched pieces of jewelry together. The sets are available in different designs. The filigree, golden chains are given a modern look, for example by combining them with leather bundles. The leather straps are available in different colors and the set, consisting of a chain and a matching bracelet, gives a special look to particularly simple outfits. But the 18-carat gold-plated copper jewelry sets also support a classic look. In combination with other high-quality materials such as stones, crystals, pearls or mother of pearl, gilded, fine copper earrings become true works of art, which are perfectly staged by a matching simple necklace. Among the jewelry sets available here in the online shop you will find the right accessories for almost every outfit and every occasion. The material is also well tolerated by the skin and therefore represents a good alternative to real silver jewelry, which you can also find on Chic-Net. With the combination of a necklace and a bracelet with the same charm pendant you can surprise your loved one with two beautiful pieces of jewelry or divide the set and keep a part for yourself. Surely your favorite pieces of jewelry are here: 18k gold plated copper jewelry sets.

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