Glitter crystal pendant

Glitter pendants that sparkle in the light through numerous crystal glass elements beautify each necklace. Here you can choose among differently shaped and colored glitter pendants, whether heart, butterfly or mushroom, we offer various motives. Each glitter pendant is combined with a hanger made of 925 sterling silver, also the processing as a whole is high quality. You will receive a matching silver necklace in our sterling silver category under silver necklaces and charm bracelets. There you can choose according to length and thickness. 925 sterling silver has a low risk of allergy and remains permanently beautiful, or can be quickly restored to shine by polishing. In addition, you can wear silver jewelry for evening wear and exactly there fit our glitter trailer best, as it may sparkle and sparkle to ball gown and should.

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Women's jewelry has always fascinated jewelery, especially when it sparkles and glitters. To be able to make a special gift, you have to spend no fortune on diamonds or diamonds, a low-priced, but high-quality glitter pendant of us provides the same effects, he also breaks the light in the many faceted glass crystals and brings so the wearer to the rays. Even better, of course, if you give the glitter pendant along with a zirconia silver ring with rhinestone or a glitter bracelet or glittering ear jewelery. In all these areas, we offer a huge selection, and equally coordinated motifs. Especially popular are our glitter ball jewelery sets, which are available with ear studs as well as earrings, here the pendant is already included. Anyone who prefers to put together the jewelery individually or loves more unusual motifs will find it in the Glittering Pendant category.

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