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Glitter Crystal Bracelets

Glitter bracelets are made of high...
Glitter bracelets are made of high quality materials such as faceted zirconia stones in different colors and silver-colored brass. The zirconia stones, which are cut like diamonds, sparkle and sparkle, especially when exposed to light. The bracelets can be extended with a lobster clasp and an extension chain to fit each arm's width. Ideally, these glitter bracelets can be combined with other crystal glitter jewelry, such as our glitter chains or glitter ball earrings. Also normal glitter pendant or glitter ear plugmatch the fashionable glitter bracelets, as well as our glass crystal stud earrings, which can be found under colorful, fashionable stud earrings in the fashion jewelry category stud earrings. The Glitter bracelets we carry both single-row, as well as three-row or mixed. The colors are either gaudy (turquoise, red, green) or discreet (white, pink, black), but there are also bracelets with brightly colored rhinestones. |-| Since the bracelets made of brass look like silver, they are also perfect for festive events wearable and combined with real silver jewelry, such as a silver chain with a glitter ball
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