Glitter Ball Pendants

Glitter Ball Pendants are an ideal...
Glitter Ball Pendants are an ideal match for our glitter ball ear plugs and glitter ball earrings. These are also available in a wide variety of colors, we also give you the choice between different sizes, from subtle to striking everything is possible. The trimming with Zirkoniasteinchen makes them sparkle magically. The pendants are provided with a hanger made of 925 sterling silver and thus fit to any necklace, but you will also find if necessary silver chains or black rubber chains, as well as colorful stainless steel necklaces chains in our shop. Glitter ball pendants are popular accessories, especially in combination with 925 sterling silver, which is well tolerated by the skin. As a true jewelery you can not only wear them on all occasions, they also last a lifetime beautifully. If they still start at the silver points, it is sufficient to polish these places again shiny. |-| Glitter ball pendants are always a good choice, even they never look cheesy, no matter how gaudy the color, despite the glittering light effects. In the color of the outfit, they complement this perfectly and set a nice highlight. Even they are well complemented with our glitter ball earrings or a glitter bracelet in the same color. In the category Shamballa bracelets in the fashion jewelery category, we also carry bracelets in which whole glitter balls are tied. These too would be a creative combination option. Among the glitter jewelry sets, we already offer ready-made combinations, some of which also contain glitter ball pendants. But it also makes a lot of pleasure to put together your own, individual jewelery set, you can do that as well, because the colors of the pendants are taken up also with the ear plugs and earrings and are therefore ideally combinable. We hope you enjoy using your Glitzerkugel pendant.
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