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Glitter Ball Earrings

Glitter ball earrings are dangling...
Glitter ball earrings are dangling and sparkling earrings in the shape of a ball, which can be found here in different designs, colors and different sizes. The glitter ball earrings look especially pretty if you wear them matching the outfit color and combined with a glitter ball pendant. We offer you not only plain specimens, but also those with mixed crystal glass stones. The temples are made of 925 sterling silver and remain with good care (from and to polishing) a lifetime of shiny and beautiful. Thus, our glitter ball earrings / earrings are high-quality jewelry and therefore wearable on all occasions, whether for jeans or evening wear, everything is possible. |-| The color palette includes a wide selection,whether discreetly in white, jet black or black diamond gray, a little bit more colored in olive green, light blue, or garnet red or strong and colorful in safir blue, peridot green, pink or light siam red. And these are just examples of the great variety of colors. Some colors can be found in our glitter bracelets, so you can combine these very well with the Glitzerkugelohrhängern. Glitter ball earrings / earrings are not only suitable for every occasion, but also for women of all ages. This jewelry will never really go out of fashion. In addition, it is wonderful to own his favorite outfits each a pair of glitter ball earrings / earrings in the respective color, because jewelry woman can never have enough. This makes the chic earrings also a great gift idea, preferably in the favorite color of the recipient. Sparkling, but not cheesy, so you're right for almost all women.
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